English info for foreign students

Not a Norwegian citizen/resident, but you want to spend a year with us at Substans? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Learn Norwegian

To be a student, Substans requires that your norwegian skills are at least equivalent to that of level B-1. You can test your norwegian here.

2. Gather all the necessary documents

The school-application is fairly straight-forward. The tricky part is getting your student visa from Norway. Here are all the documents you’ll need to have ready:

  • A valid passport
  • Two new passport-photos with a white background
  • A copy of your school-application (we will provide after application to bibelskolen Substans)
  • A copy of your letter of admission from the school (We will provide after application)
  • Documents proving your tuition-fee has been payed (this is generated automaticly after paying school tuition-fee)
  • Documents proving that you have the money Norway estimates you need (and therefore requires you prove you have) to live a whole year in the country – 112 290 NOK.
    – This sum needs to be a) kept in a Norwegian bank-account, or b) be kept in an account belonging to the school.
    – If you can bring papers/contracts proving you have a norwegian job, you may not need to have the entire sum of 112 290 NOK in advance.
    – You can work a maximum of 20 hours a week in addition to your studies.

3. Fill out your application

Follow the directions from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration as guided here. Pay attention to any other requirements that are asked of you other than what we have depicted (it may differ from country to country). The application itself will take a minimum of 6-8 weeks to be handled, so we recommend you start the process early.

4. Deliver all the documents at the norwegian embassy

When you have filled out the application, you will be informed of which embassy you are to deliver your documents to. All documents must be in Norwegian or English. Bring original documents to show, as well as copies of the originals.

5. Wait for response, and keep Substans updated

We hope that everything works out, and that we get to see you by the time the schoolyear starts! Keep in mind that the whole application-process may take some time, and as it may differ from country to country, we advise you to begin the process as early as possible. We will not be able to admit you fully until all is cleared from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.